How To Do 5 These Simple Exercises That Burn Fat Abs And Tone Lower-body At Home

Everyone who wants to lose weight and tone their body has to know that those endless hours spent on the treadmill or in cardio moves won’t help you to achieve your goals, because it can help you to become a smaller version of your previous fat self.

That is why you have to try resistance training, which will improve your strength and endurance and you will look so much better naked!

One recent study inspected all effects that resistance exercise has over the metabolic constraints of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There were 53 patients and they were divided in 2 groups.

The first group made squats and pushups 3 times weekly for a period of 12 weeks and the other group did not performed any resistance exercises.

12 weeks later, they compared the effects. In the group that exercised, people were becoming fat-free and they improved their muscle mass and decreased the iron, fatty liver and insulin levels.

That is why resistance exercises can improve the characteristics of metabolic syndrome in the case of people who had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

We will show few very effective exercises which will never go out of style. Additionally, you won’t need any special equipment. They will help you to slow down aging, build lean muscle tone and look absolutely incredible!

The next exercises are the best when it comes 5 exercises that will help you to tone your body and to build up muscle.

They are called ‘compounds movements’, which means they will target more muscles simultaneously. As soon as you include them in your workout routine they will help you to burn fat more easily.

The Squat

It is a basic movement that will help you to reshape your legs and butt. Bodyweight squats can be very challenging and if you want add intensity, try bare bell or dumb bells.

The Lunge

They are made to tighten up your butt and to tone your hamstrings. However, if you have knee pain change them with glute bridges.

The Skater

Image result for the skater exercise gif

If you move in a lateral plane you can develop knee and ankle stability. You can try joint jolting and minimum jumping for burning more calories.


Image result for LOW LATERAL LUNGE exercise gif

You’ll love the lunge for opening up your hips while working your glutes (big metabolism igniters) and obliques. And you’ll love the lateral movement for working your body through an alternate plane of motion.

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