Reason Why You Have Bloated Stomach And How To Get Rid Of This And Lose Weight Overnight

You do not even suspect that Helicobacter pylori is hidden in your body – a spiraling gram-negative bacterium that affects various areas of the stomach and duodenum. It is a special bacterium that does not show any symptoms when ingested. It can be transmitted through unwashed hands and food. Untimely treatment of such a disease soon leads to a peptic ulcer or even to stomach cancer!

Causes of bloating

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why your belly bulges out. This may be due to bloating or with deposited fats on the stomach, or both. Usually, if you are obese while eating junk food, this can cause gas and stomach upset from improper nutrition. If you also experience discomfort after eating, then you know that you have accumulated a lot of gases.

Gases or abdominal pain may indicate that the food you ate is not properly digested. And that’s why a lot of gas in your stomach is formed, it seems that your stomach is big. Similarly, if during the day your stomach (especially in the lower abdominal cavity) decreased in size a few hours after eating, then the problem of your enlarged waistline is the formation of gases in your intestine.

Traditional methods of treating bloating:
Parsley and dill
In general, any greens can suppress the formed gases. It can be not only parsley and dill, but also spinach. You can eat greens just like that, and you can add to food while eating.

Antacid agents that reduce acidity
When you eat fatty foods the body is oxidized, gases appear. And, for example, soda, is a means of reducing acidity. Therefore, after a meal, and preferably before a meal, drink a cup of water with a spoonful of baking soda. Be sure to extinguish it with boiling water.

Some recommend drinking magnesium, supposedly it helps to remove excess gases. A lot of magnesia is found in leafy vegetables, legumes and grains.

Green and herbal tea
Correctly brewed tea is a good tool for normalizing the work of the intestines. And you can drink tea not only green, but also chamomile, mint, from dandelion and ginger tea.

Sour milk and yogurt
Sour milk and yogurt contain active bacteria that can help prevent excessive gas production. Everyone knows that gases form harmful bacteria, and so sour milk and yogurt contain lacto bacteria, which quickly cope with harmful. Also sour milk and yogurt are recommended for drinking with intestinal dysbacteriosis, as a means of treatment.

Special exercises for bloating
There are several good exercises that will help quickly get rid of bloating. These exercises are not prophylactic, but are done only if you feel the accumulation of gases in the intestine.

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