Core Exercises That Target Your Lower Abs

Your core is about so much more than a flat stomach and a six-pack. But let’s get real—the lower abs near your gut (you know, the area that is prone to bloating and can make you look and feel fuller than you really are) is a problem area for even the fittest people.

What is the best way to make it work?
The suggestion of the experts is to stop doing only crunches, as those basic abs exercises target only the rectus abdominis, which is responsible for sculpting “abs.” However, when it comes to toning and tightening your lower abs and entire core it is not enough.

Here you’ll be able to find a workout, presented by the sisters Lauren and Kelly, personal trainers and sports models. They’re going to show you moves that will help you get rid of lower belly fat for good. The best thing is that you can perform these six moves everywhere and anywhere.

How it works:
–Perform each move in the circuit for the specified reps
–Repeat the entire circuit two more times,
–Take minimal rest in between rounds.
Equipment needed: A foam roller and a yoga mat

Foam Roller Plank Cross-Over
–Starting position – high plank position, with both hands on the foam roller.
–Bringing right knee to meet left elbow, keep your left leg straight
–Return to starting position and bring left knee to meet right elbow,
–Returning to plank position again complete one rep.
Continue alternating sides and perform 10 reps on each side.

Forearm Plank Swivel
–Starting position – forearm plank,
–Lowering gently hips to one side, hover just above the ground while your shoulders square to the front and your back stays flat.
–Return to the center and over to opposite side
–Returning to the center again complete one rep.
Perform 10 reps.

Reverse Crunch
–Starting position – Laying on your back with legs in table top position.
–Crunching up, lift your butt off the ground and bring elbows to meet knees.
–Lowering shoulders back to the mat, drop heels back down to tap the mat, while your knees are still bent.
Perform 20 reps.

Plank Jack + Up-Down
–Starting position – high plank position,
–Jump quickly your feet out wide and back in
–Lower onto forearms, one arm at a time.
–Reversing the move, press back up into high plank to complete one rep
Perform 10 reps.

Flutter Kicks
–Starting position – Laying on your back with hands resting gently on your lower back, legs extended, hovering about 6 inches off the ground
–Alternate kicking feet up and down just a few inches, each leg is one rep.
Perform 40 reps.

Butterfly Crunch
–Starting position – Laying on your back with soles of the feet touching, knees out to the side in a butterfly position
–Crunching up, bring shoulder blades off the mat and reach hands through the center to touch heels.
–Lowering slowly back down to starting position complete one rep.
Perform 20 reps.

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