12 Minute Exercise Routine That Burns Fat And Tones Thighs At The Same Time

For myself and a lot of others, our hips and thighs are the biggest struggle areas for weight loss. While aerobics every day can help you notice results, it’s always best to pair it with small lifestyle changes like reducing trans fat intake or taking the stairs and strength training as muscles burn more calories.

Once you’ve begun with those, I found a great exercise routine for burning fat in your hips and thighs in just 12 minutes a day! The best part is that you can do it right from the comfort of your own home, so let’s get started.

How to lose weight in your hips at home

Plie squats
Pretty straightforward, push your toes out and your legs wide. Move your hips up and down like a squat with a wide stance.

Side lunges
Take a large step with your working leg to the side; bend your knee and squat. Keep your opposite leg straight. Do 30 seconds per side.

Squat & kick
Get into the plie squat position, squat down but as you go up kick out your leg at waist level. Do 30 seconds per leg. Keep the kicks small, it’s not karate class.

Skater hops
Similar to the movement of an ice skater. Jump to the side, cross your opposite leg behind and back, bending the knees slightly. The lower you go the more you’ll burn!

Inner leg lifts
Lay on your side at the hip/glutes. Move the bottom leg up and down without touching the ground. Soft bend your opposite knee for support, keep the moving one as straight as possible.

Leg circles
Similar position to leg lifts, only this time you use the upper leg. Lie on your side, keep your leg straight and move it around in small circles. Make sure you go clockwise and counter-clockwise for each leg to get the full effect.

Outer leg lifts
Go into a side plank, move your top leg up and down like a scissor. If a side plank is too difficult, you can modify it by lying on the ground as well.

Fire hydrants
Get on your hands and knees in a crawling position. Keep the working knee off the ground at all times as you push it out to the side with your knee still bent.

Fire hydrant kicks
Same position as before, but as you lift you kick out to full extension to the side. Don’t lock your leg and make sure you don’t kick anything over!
While drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and exercising regularly will certainly help, doing this 12 minute work out every day will also help you see results without ever stepping foot in a gym. Give it a try, because there’s no better place to start than the present!

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