What is The Most Effective Time of The Day For Workout And Extra Fat Burn?

Rhythms have an enormous impact on our everyday life routines. From sleep cycles, energy levels,  body temperatures to your workout – the most crucial to your overall health and well-being in general.

The idea of working out and it’s effects is based and mainly depends whether your goals and reasons for working out are specific and also the time in the day when you choose to drop some sweat could make e huge difference.

As we always care for your health and great shape as well, we created some research-backed evidence, based on your needs , to help you maximize your results.

Desired Goal: Weight Loss
Best Time of the Day: Early Morning

According to a certain research those people who use to practice immediately after waking up, tend to be more consistent and exercise more often compared to those who workout in other periods in the day.

45 minutes exercising routine each morning, will provide you with less appetite for breakfast, prone to make healthy food choices, and more likely to keep moving and burning calories throughout the day.

Desired goal: Get Stronger
Best Time of The Day: Late Afternoon Or Early Morning

Your body’s natural testosterone levels and your bodily temperature are at it’s peak between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. In other words, this is the period most likely for building some muscles as you will feel strong, flexible, and your lungs will be working at their optimal efficiency, boosting your overall endurance through tough strength workouts.

Desired Goal: Sleep Better
Best Time Of The Day: Right After Waking Up

Due to a certain study, experts hold a theory that the direct exposure to sunlight through running, ridding a bike, or even driving to the gym , soon after waking up have an effect of the so called “timestamp on your brain” – phenomenon that reminds your brain when to rose and when to shut down at night.

It was also discovered that exercising soon after waking up reduces your blood pressure and causes additional 25% dip at night , that correlates with better and quality sleep.

But you should always have in mind that exercising is not a substitute for sleeping. What we want to say is you shouldn’t even think about sacrificing sleeping for a morning run. You must keep a balance. First you get 6-8 hours of your sleep and after that working out.

Desired Goal: Reset Your Body Clock
Best Time Of The Day: Mid-Afternoon

Your natural circadian rhythms are disturbed, when travelling, switching to a night shift, viewing artificial light in the evening (when your brain expects darkness) and even getting older.

A study performed a series of experiments on mice who had been bred to have a malfunctioning sense of time. The findings proved that while exercise overall helps get the mice back on schedule, the effects were at its peak when running in the afternoon.

To conclude if your workout goals collide with this then our advice is to call off your afternoon lunch and head to the gym instead.

Desired Goal: Setting A Personal Goal
Best Time Of The Day: The Same Time, All The Time, (consistency is crucial)

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to workout at 8a.m.noon or 8p.m. or a different time in the day, what is important is to keep up to a strict timing every day. By working out consistently every day, you will be ruling out any factors that may sabotage your performance or even your results.

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