You Need 5 Minutes for This Fantastic Inner Thigh Workout(Video)

When it comes to muscle toning, the most problematic part of the body is definitely the inner thigh. Fat is typically accumulated in this area and as addition to this we rarely use this part of our body in our everyday activities.

We are going to present you an exercise that provides a unique workout for the lower body part and shapes your glutes and inner thigh. You will need 5 minutes, a couple of times a week and you will have the best firmed legs.

You will need to:

Stand with your feet much wider apart than shoulder width. Keep your arms relaxed besides your body.
Squat as deep as you can to the left while turning your right toes upwards, flexing right foot
Extend the arms straight
Go back to the starting position and perform the exercise on the other leg. That’s one repetition of the exercise. Make 2-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

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