10 Minute Abs Workout At Home(Video)

Workout Details

All of these exercises – particularly together – are great for building well rounded, comprehensive core strength. The abdominal panel, obliques and lower back are all engaged in this 10 minute abs workout and while it’s beneficial for a wide range of fitness levels, it’s also beginner friendly.

Add this quick core workout as a burnout round onto the end of other routines or use this with your stretching routines in order to build a strong foundation for more intense training types.

Remember, the abs are just like any other muscle in the body; they need rest – don’t work your core muscles every day. If you do this workout on it’s own, be sure to add a quick warm up before you start, and cool down once you’ve finished.

Workout Structure
Pilates blend targeting the core
10 Minutes
No equipment

Pilates Abs Workout: 50 Seconds on, 10 seconds rest
1 Imprint
2 Table Top (single leg at a time)
3 Table Top (chasing legs)
4 Table Top (hover; drop one leg at a time)
5 Swimmers
6 Plank + Side Star
7 Side Plank Reach & Pull
8 Other Side
9 Bird Dogs
10 Push Up to Child’s Pose

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