Leg Slimming Workout(Video)

Enjoy this free PIIT28 Leg Slimming sequence! A mixture Pilates for muscle toning and HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn fat – PIIT28 is the the BEST workout for getting fit QUICKLY. It’s only 28 min and 4o sec a day and your body and legs will TRANSFORM! PIIT28 is my GO-TO when I am getting ready for a photoshoot or an important event because it really works for me (and my body really likes to stagnate because I’ve done so many workouts for so long). So, I’m sure it’ll be awesome for you!

And if you’re more of a video person, then here’s a workout vid of me doing the entire thing with you! Just play me 4 times to do the entire workout together! 🙂 Make sure you go AS HARD AS YOU CAN for 45  sec and then take your 15 sec rests preciously. The highs and lows of your heart rate is designed to help you burn fat like a furnace!

Also if you’re interested in the full 28 day plan, get my PIIT28 e-book which also comes with follow-along workout videos for every day, animated GIFs, a bonus stretching guide, and a forum where you can connect with fellow PIITsters! Have fun!

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