10 Minute Intense Lower Home Abs Workout(Video)

If people want to look sporty, he first starts to swing the press. I questioned the experts about how to make the most effective workout.

How to build the press at home
How to pump up the press man and get a nice flat stomach woman? Experts fitness industry fissile their secrets abdominal training at home!
1. Try to feel how the abdominal muscles
Without this, all efforts will be in vain. A simple example: you do twisting, and the next day did not hurt the stomach and neck. This means that you do the exercises properly, simply raised and lowered his head, and the body at the same time remained on the floor. Meanwhile, to the press worked, you had to push up the chest.

“When performing any exercise it is very important to know which muscles are involved in the work, – says Sergey Karev, group program manager network of fitness clubs World Class, the national coach of Russia program Les Mills, MMR Athletics. – In the case of the press is the easiest way to feel just during twisting. When I was a newbie comes, I make him do 30 repetitions in a row – a difficult task, but accurately master the technique. ”
2. Do not focus on twisting
This is the basics of training at the press. “Sporty young woman and especially strong man to do twisting meaningless – says Ekaterina Soboleva, a fitness club director TerraSport Copernicus. – Those who have a certain fitness experience, it is better to include in its program of abdominal exercises more difficult: with a dumbbell or a pancake from the bar, or on an unstable support, or support from a small surface – say, Bosu. When you need to maintain a balance in the work it includes a large number of muscles, and press for the same time pumped much more efficiently. ”
Sergey Karev one of the best exercises for the abdominal muscles considers the bar. It can perform not only static, but also with elements of movement and balance. For example, lift and pull out a hand, pull back leg to rearrange the palm of the right and left. But it is only after learning how to hold the body in the correct position: the pelvis slightly podkruchen forward, back straight, the body from head to toe in a line is extended.
3. Calculate the load
The muscles of the abdomen, on the one hand, hardy, and on the other – are lazy. We define them “normal” 10-12 twists, they do not feel. Make work a half hour without interruption – partially shift the load on the muscles of the legs, back, arms.
“It is not necessary to download the press 30 minutes, – says Sergey Karev. – For a long time to do the exercises for one muscle group is technically impossible to correct. Be sure to start to “cheat”: when lifting the legs to drag them by force hips, twisting in the back to help. If a beautiful belly – your main goal, just start it with every training session. ”
“The press can be isolated and in a separate session – adds Catherine Sobolev – but you need to understand that, first, it will get shorter, and secondly, it would still have to supplement the exercises for the back. As a minimum, hyperextension, and even better and rods: top unit, the unit to your belt. Our task – to uniformly strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine. Otherwise, the stronger will inevitably drag the weak, and ultimately hurt your posture. ”
4. Give the media a break
This task is more difficult than it seems. The abdominal muscles are included in the job when performing many basic exercises even when you are doing something around the house, for example, rearrange furniture. But to restore them, like any other muscle, it takes 48 hours of recreation.
“I do not advise pumped press, during the same training to do squats or deadlifts. And the next day, too, – says Ekaterina Soboleva. – You take the usual weight for yourself, but as the press overworked, it is easy to get injured. ”
5. Do not do side bends with heavy dumbbells
Tip girls. The effect of these exercises will be, but it is unlikely you will like it. “Due to these inclinations are pumped obliques and waist expanding – says Ekaterina Soboleva. – And much (a couple of centimeters can be easily added) and quickly: the first will see changes in 7-8 weeks. Other exercises for obliques such explicit results do not give. ”
6. If you want to “cubes” – to work with weights
Abdominal exercises often do with their own body weight. But if you need not just strong and flat stomach, but still desirable and beautiful terrain, with no resistance – dumbbells, a pancake from a bar, shock – do not.
Note that a woman pump “cubes” harder than a man, because the body produces less testosterone – the hormone responsible for muscle gain. Furthermore, in parous women, particularly after the second or third of pregnancy, the muscles are partially hidden even under a layer of fat, and a skin fold which exercise not retract.

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