12 Simple Tweaks for Weight Loss and Great Health

Most people are aware that weight loss isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a good deal of persistence, knowledge, and patience to meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. What many people don’t know is the fact that small everyday habits can be tweaked to speed the whole process up

You don’t have to transform your life completely to maintain a healthier well-being. Without much effort or change to your lifestyle, these small and simple tweaks can help you reach your goals much more quickly.

1. Drink Water Before Each Meal

Water will play an essential part in your weight loss journey. It’s one of the easiest yet most commonly overlooked aspects of losing weight. When your body is dehydrated it slows the metabolism and sends signals that your brain mistakes as hunger. Drinking a glass before you eat will help curb your appetite much quicker and keep you from excess calories

2. Downsize Your Plate and Portions

Surprisingly there have been studies that link the size of your dinnerware to weight loss. It has been found that if you have a smaller plate, it helps you keep will power under control by putting a capacity on your portions. While you are enlarging the size of your water cup, you should also consider shrinking the size of your bowl or plate.

3. Use Your Legs More Often

Your legs are the strongest muscles in your body and burn a great percentage of calories when they’re put to good use. Look for opportunities throughout the day to use your legs more often. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car further away and walk to the store, and stand up for a while to break up long intervals of sitting.

4. Find Healthier Alternatives

You don’t have to starve yourself just to see weight loss progress. A lot of your favorite unhealthy foods can easily be substituted with healthier options without having to drastically cut down an entire meal or snack. Instead of coffee cream and sugar try low fat milk and half the amount of sugar, or use these sugar substitutes in moderation. Substitute granola with oatmeal, white bread with whole grain, and mustard for mayonnaise. The alternatives to unhealthy food choices can be delicious too.

5. Figure Out Why You Eat

Before you go snacking on something, think about why you’re doing it. Many people don’t actually eat because of a survival impulse like nature intended. Boredom, attractive food marketing, and emotional stress are all reasons the brain tells us to eat. If you aren’t actually hungry, find something to occupy your bored mind instead of snacking.

6. Reduce Unhealthy Habits Gradually

Like with most bad habits it’s difficult to quit unhealthy eating cold turkey. Make your transfer a gradual one and slowly cut down on unhealthy snacks each day. Substitute the bag of potato chips with a half a bag and some baby carrots. Or replace unhealthy fats with good sources of fat like avocado, nuts and seeds. Ease your way into it to avoid frustrating your body into quitting.
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