10 Minutes Cellulite Removal Exercise, How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast and Naturally(VIDEO)

To get your thighs, butt and legs in the best possible shape, you need to get the blood circulating. Firm up, keep moving and burn the cellulite! Just a 10 minute daily routine to deliver smoother results that look great!

When your body is fit and toned, cellulite has no where to hide but slowly burn away. You will develop the form of these exercises quickly and effectively. Remember to keep your body moving, because a great blood flow ensures the removal of toxins and strengthens skin cells.

Get ready for 4 Rounds of 10 Amazing Exercises that feature Strength + Cardio for the Ultimate Cellulite Burn:

1. Chair Pose/Side 1
2. Side Squats
3. Lateral Kick
4. Chair Pose/Side 2
5. Curtsy Lunges
6. Plie Jumps
7. Hydrants/Side 1
8. Hydrants Extension
9. Rainbow
10.Hydrants/Side 2

You will build up a sweat. You will fee the burn. This is a work-out that really develops toned thighs, butt and legs.

If you need to take a break, do so. Sip water. Take a moment to catch your wind.

Don’t forget to breathe during these 10 exercises, and if you feel the pain, you know it’s working, ladies.

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