Thigh Workout For Women: Top 12 Exercises For Thinner Thighs

Your thighs are just one of the many parts of the body that you probably want to shape up. Yup, I’m sure you want them to look sexier and or just simply to be able to wear the right size pants. Let’s face it, the pants available at your popular clothing line aren’t really tailored for people with thick thighs. While those who lift weights often get their pants customized for them, and don’t mind this minor inconvenience at all, there are still a lot of women today who would rather just buy and wear without having to worry about the cloth ripping in two.

Work those legs into shape
Often when we chase a body we want to have, our bellies go first and the thighs go last. More often than not, you end up wondering why it’s so hard to remove the fat in your thighs despite the number of Zumba sessions you go to and the many “thigh trimming” machines you use. For that specific reason, we’ve compiled the 12 best exercises to make your thighs firmer and sexier.

Exercise 1: Squat with ball
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How to do it:
– Put an exercise ball between you and the wall. Have it up to the curve of your back.
– With your feet shoulder-width apart, stand while pressing the ball against the wall.
– Slowly bend your knees and lower yourself about 5 to 10 inches. Make sure your shoulders are leveled and hips square.
– Maintain this sitting position for about 3-5 seconds then slowly stand back up. Maintain the ball’s pressure on your back.
– Repeat until your form starts to break. Work your way up to at least 10 per set. Rest time is 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Flamingo Balance

How to do it:
– While holding a dumbbell in one hand, stand with the other hand on your hip.
– Slightly lean forward while lifting one foot behind you to about hip height. At the same time, bring the free hand forward.
– Now with the free hand, perform a biceps curl.
– Slowly drop your toes down momentarily and repeat this for 10 reps. Make sure the free leg is straight while bending with the other.
– Switch sides and repeat.

Exercise 3: Jump Squat
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How to do it:
– With proper posture, stand while the feet is shoulder-width apart.
– Bend knees to about 90 degrees, squatting down.
– Now with all your leg and glutes, jump as high as you can.
– Land softly, absorbing the impact, with your knees bent back to squat position.
– Do this for 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps

Exercise 4: Leg Circles
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How to do it:
– Lie on your back. Have your arms at the sides while the palms are facing down.
– Start out with one foot thrust upward towards the ceiling. Lift the legs without lifting your butt on the floor.
– Rotate the leg slightly outward.
– Breathe and hold your breath while you trace a circle with the lifted leg. Move your whole leg while keeping the rest of your body still and flat on the floor.
– Rotate the legs around 5 times clockwise and another 5 times counter clockwise.
– Switch with the other leg and repeat this 3-5 times.

Exercise 5: Dumbell Lunge
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How to do it:
– With proper posture, stand straight with the feet hip-width apart with an 8-pound dumbbell on each hand.
– Lunge forward with one leg, then level that leg. When you do lunges, the other knee should not touch the ground. Keep it to about an inch or two above the floor.
– Keep a perpendicular posture with your torso to the floor. Distribute your weight evenly between the two legs.
– Bring into line the front knee over the front ankle, with the heels carrying the weight instead of the toes.
– Lunge for about 30 seconds per leg before switching and repeat.

Exercise 6: Toe Squat with Overhead Reach

How to do it:
– Position yourself into a chair pose. Engage your core, the inner knees and ankle touching, while half-squatting. Have a dumbbell on each hand overhead.
– Now stand up on the balls of the feet while your control your legs and you lift your butt about 3-5 inches.
– Go slow and steady. You don’t rush this exercise. Do about 6-10 reps.

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