7 Simple Exercises to Eliminate Neck Pain

Many people experience pain or symptoms but few know why. Having a herniated disc is one of those times

Herniated disc, also called bulging disc or slipped disc, is a very painful experience. This injury is most common in early to middle aged adults. It is often caused by too much pressure put on the spine. However, most people who suffer from it have no idea. Some common symptoms include:

  • Arm or leg pain
  • Numbness or tingling in the body due to affected nerves
  • Weakness
  • Shooting pain down the buttock into your thigh
  • Pain that worsens when standing and decreases when lying down

The spine is made up of bony vertebrae separated by jelly like discs that keep the vertebrae in place. A herniated disc happens when a disc ruptures, causing the disc to leak and irritate nearby nerves. This type of injury often happens with lifting, pulling, bending, or twisting motions. This injury can cause pain and weakness. The following exercises will help relieve some of the pain caused by an injured disc.

Herniated Disc Exercises for the Neck

1. Neck Extension

Lie on your back on a table or bed. Line the bottom of your neck up with the edge. Slowly lower your head backwards and let it hang. Hold this position for one minute and then let it rest for one minute. Repeat five to fifteen times

2. Neck Retraction (Chin Tuck)

As far as herniated disc exercises go, this one is very simple. Lie on your back on a bed with your hands at your sides. Tuck your chin towards your chest. Hold this for five to ten seconds. Repeat fifteen to twenty times

3. Shoulder Retraction

Sit or stand with your back to a wall, arms by your sides. Bend your elbows at 90 degree angles. Bring shoulders down and back so that the back of your arms push towards the wall. Your shoulder blades should squeeze together.

4. Isometric Hold


Sitting up tall, relax shoulders and put a hand on your forehead. Press head into hand without moving head. Hold this for five to fifteen seconds, repeat fifteen times

5. Lateral Bend


Sitting up tall with shoulders relaxed, slowly tilt head to one side as if to touch your ear to your shoulder. Hold this position for thirty seconds. Rest and repeat three to five times during the day

6. Scalene Stretch


Sitting up tall with shoulders relaxed, place one hand on the back of the head. Slowly tilt your head to look at your armpit at a 45-degree angle. Hold this for thirty seconds, rest and repeat three to five times during the day.

7. Neck Rotation


Sitting up tall with shoulders relaxed, turn head to one side. Don’t over extend and turn your head behind you. Slowly turn your head to the other side. Hold each side for thirty seconds and repeat three to five times during the day.

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