30-Day Butt Lift Challenge

Today we’re gonna give some special attention to your booty because this is the 30-day butt lift challenge. Also, you can challenge yourself whenever you want, just stick to the program for a least 2 weeks to see real results. Bianca Nicole  from Romania will show you the moves, you just need to follow these instructions

Butt Lift Challenge Rules

1. You need to perform 15 repetitions for each exercise in the first week, 20 reps in the second week, 25 reps in the third week and 30 reps in the last week.
2. Do not rest between exercises, but you can rest for about 30 seconds after you complete a set.
3. Complete 3 sets per day, 3 days per week (one day on, one off).
4. In the day off, do some easy cardio exercises, or walking, or running.
5. Choose a day per week for total rest and skip any kind of workout that day.

1. Jump Squats

Trampoline (Optional).

With your head up and your back straight, position your feet at shoulder width.
Keeping your back straight and chest up, squat down as you inhale until your upper thighs are parallel, or lower, to the floor.
Now pressing mainly with the ball of your feet, jump straight up in the air as high as possible, using the thighs like springs. Exhale during this portion of the movement.
When you touch the floor again, immediately squat down and jump again.
Repeat for 15 times.

2. In And Out Jump Squats

Stepper (Optional).
Dumbbell (Kettlebell).

Stand with feet together (on the stepper if you have one), holding the dumbbell with both hands at your chest level.
Bend your legs then jump up and separate your feet in mid air.
Land with feet wider than shoulder-width apart (off the stepper), lowering into a squat.
Jump up out of the squat and land back in the starting position, bringing your feet together on landing (on the stepper).
Be sure to jump as high as possible.
Repeat for 15 times

3. Barbell Jump Squats

Light Barbell.
Stepper (Optional).

Place a light barbell (or only a single bar) on your upper back with an overhand grip, just as you would for a back squat.
Position your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing forward, or rotated slightly outward. This is your starting position.
Drop your hips into a quarter squat position, as if you were doing a vertical jump.
Drive hips upward explosively and jump as high as possible while keeping the barbell stable.
Softly land (on the stepper if you have one) on the balls of your feet, this will cushioning the impact. Return to starting position.
Repeat for 15 times.

4. Obstacle Jump Squats


Stand in front of the stepper with feet shoulder-width apart, holding the hands together at your chest level.
Bend your legs then jump up over the stepper.
Land on the other side of the stepper, lowering into a squat.
Jump up out of the squat and rotate 180 degrees, landing back in the starting position, with the stepper in front of you.
Be sure to jump as high as possible.
Repeat for 15 times.

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