7-Minute Booty Burner

Dumbbell Romanian deadlift:  This total-body move works everything from your shoulders to your lower half. Plus, it fires up those glutes like nobody’s business. So yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Let’s get lifting!

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Squats: If you’re looking to strengthen just about every muscle in your lower body, this move is your jam. You’ll work your thighs, core, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. Just follow Women’s Health Fitness Director Jen Ator’s form for best results.
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Single-arm reverse lunge and press: On its own, the reverse lunge works your hammies, glutes, and calves like a champ. And when you mash it up with the single-arm overhead press, well, you’ve got yourself a full body move, baby.  Let’s pump it up!

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Offset dumbbell lunge: This lunge has serious attitude. Not only does it work your quads, calves, and glutes (like any ol’ lunge), but it also sculpts sexy abs. That’s because when you hold the weight on one side of your body, your core has to fire up to keep you from tipping over.


Squat to overhead press: Hope you’re ready to get to work because this move is about to bring it. Work your lower body, core, glorious glutes, arms, and shoulders with each and every rep. In case you’re counting, yes, that’s all of the muscles. Let’s get to it!

Squat to overhead press

Single-leg deadlift: The deadlift is kind of the Beyoncé of booty sculpting. It slays all day, no questions asked. This move zones in on your glutes, core, and lower back. Plus, it stretches out those hammies while you work.

FitGIF Friday Single-Leg Deadlift

Reverse lunge and curl: Work those quads and calves like a pro while also scoring tickets to the gun show (we’re talking about your biceps, people) with this easy exercise. On top of all that, this move engages your core and gets you closer to your six-pack #goals.
reverse lunge and curl

Source : www.womenshealthmag.com

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