This 10-Minute Ab Routine Burns More Stomach Fat Than A 30 Minute Run

Stomach fat can seem like the hardest thing to get rid of when you’re losing weight. When a lot of people start exercising, they tend to notice significant changes within the first few months; slimmer face, more defined shoulders and a less flabby back. But for a lot of people, stomach fat seems to stick around even through all of this progress.

The reason behind this is because many people are afraid of building muscle, especially women. They are worried about getting “bulky”, thinking that doing a few muscle building exercises will turn them into the hulk. In reality, building muscle can actually give the appearance of being thinner, especially in the stomach area.

If all you are doing is cardio, you are not going to be able to sculpt and shape your body into the figure you want, you are just going to become a smaller version of your previous body type. This is why I am going to show you three different exercises that will help you burn fat and tone your stomach at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds and bringing you one step closer to getting the body you always wanted.

The Crunch

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It is one of the most famous exercises and is great for tightening the abs.
Lie on your back, and pull up knees. Keep feet flat on the ground. For more effects, face the feet bottoms towards each other. For beginners, just keep them on the floor.
Start tightening your abs and raise upper torso area away from the floor. Hold posture for a second then return to initial position. One rep is around 3 seconds. Place hands in whichever way you find comfortable. Make sure you feel your abs flexing and tightening.

The Plank

This exercise is very isometric and does not require any movement. You do not have to do repetitions as well. But, what you’’’ get is toned libs and some fine abs- fat free, too!

Lie on the stomach and place elbows on ground and forearms in front of you. Flex your abs and lift from the floor. You’ll want only your toes and forearms to touch the ground. Hold for as long as possible.


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This is one of the more complicated moves, but it’s a great combination of cardio and muscle building.

Lie on your back with your hands cupping the back of your head. Flexing your abs, bring your left knee up so that it touches your right elbow, and then alternate with your right knee touching your left elbow. Your legs should look like they are performing a cycling motion, similar to riding a bike.

Once you have alternated to both sides, that is one rep, which should take you between two to three seconds to complete. Complete 10-15 reps, or 30 seconds worth of them.

The Routine

Perform all exercise in one take. The total time for this is about 90 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat. Do a total of 5-6 repetitions.In case you need longer breaks, take them. As time passes you won’t need them as much, but is important to stay safe from injuries and lose weight naturally.All in all, this process should not take up more than 10 minutes. It may seem short, but it is highly effective.

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