Engage Your Core Muscles The Right Way With THIS 10 Minute Abs Circuit Workout(Video)

When you think of exercise for the abdominal muscles, the first thing that comes to mind is often sit-ups or crunches, which involve lying on the ground with your knees up and raising your torso off the ground. While these exercises certainly strengthen your core, they often are not the best way to tone and flatten your tummy, since it is so easy to accidentally use your neck muscles and hip flexors instead of your abdominals, which can strain them while allowing your abs to rest.
In this video, from the Jessica Smith YouTube channel leads us through her 10 Minute Abs Core Conditioning Circuit Workout, which- surprisingly enough- begins with a standing move. A standing march not only engages the abdominal muscles but the back muscles as well. Jessica focuses on balance, which engages the entire core. Jessica also shows us some great floor exercises that engage your tummy muscles without putting too much strain on other muscle groups. All this, and you’ll only need your own balance, body weight, and a mat for your comfort!

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