If you are serious about fitness or bodybuilding you probably already know that there are things you can do to get the most out of your workout. Getting sufficient sleep is the core of having enough energy to work out and for everything else you have to do. Not to mention nutrition. If you want to perform and lift heavy it’s very important to be well nourished in order to provide your body with energy for the intense workout as well as building material for your muscles

Supplementation is another critical part of getting the most from your workout.

Why Take Supplements?

Taking certain supplements before and after a workout can help get you ready for it and then assist with recovery.  Protein, creatine and a good source of carbohydrates are the most basic supplements to help with greater muscle growth, improving your energy and recovering more quickly afterward.

The recovery phase is particularly critical because you just went through the sweat and effort of using those muscles, now you need to make sure they have everything they need to get the most out of it.

That being said, there is another critical phase of supplementation that is too often ignored, and it can boost your routine to a new level. That is the actual workout phase itself, or “intra-workout”

Intra-Workout Supplements Will Take You to That Next Level

If you have noticed yourself stagnating in muscle gain and endurance, you may want to try adding intra-workout supplementation. You’re always told that certain things are great to add endurance to your workouts and to increase results, so what could be better than taking them during your workouts?

The Essential Ingredients for an Effective Intra Workout Product

An ideal intra workout supplement needs to include amino acids as well as electrolytes and slow digesting carbohydrates, and of course, the water you are mixing this powder supplement with helps to keep you hydrated through the workout.

The amino acids replenish your muscles with the protein they need while you are working out because our muscles are made of protein. Electrolytes and slow digesting carbohydrates are essential as well. Electrolytes have been analogized to the oil in a car.

It doesn’t make the engine run, but it won’t be running for long without it. They are essential to the proper functioning of many systems in our bodies including our muscles. Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are some of the most common electrolytes in our bodies. We lose them when we sweat, so replacing these is perhaps more important than any other single thing to take during exercise.

Carbohydrates are needed and in this case, slow digesting carbohydrates are best so that they do not cause a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels, which would cause the body to hold onto its fat. Creatine and nitric oxide stimulants are two other excellent additions to any workout.

What are the Benefits of Intra-Workout Supplementation?

Have you ever felt like you could eat everything in sight soon after a workout? Working out burns a lot of energy, and the body typically gets its energy from food, so it can crave a ton of it soon after a workout to replenish what you have just burned off.

Supplementing during your workout can help minimize this as it keeps the body replenished while exercising. The water, electrolytes and slow digesting carbohydrates in a good supplement will also enable you to keep going longer in a workout so you work those muscles harder and see more gains.

The most important reasons to take anything while working out is to stay hydrated and to replenish electrolytes. Nitric oxide supplements increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles and extend the time until muscle failure.

Creatine taken during your workout enhances the body’s capacity to perform high intensity work. Together they can increase the intensity and length of your workout. This combination, which is what most intra products are made of, will show results in both muscle mass and endurance.

Pushing Past Any Performance Plateaus

Intra-workout supplementation can be what you need if you have noticed you have reached an impasse in your gains. When this happens, it may be necessary to shake up your routine by taking supplements that can actually help during the workout.

When selecting a product, be sure it mentions that it is for use during workouts as this should indicate it has what’s needed to extend and intensify your workouts while not having anything that will slow you down.

Supplementation during a workout can be as simple as a drink with water and electrolytes just to replenish what you sweat out as you go along, or it can be a power-packed product with nitric oxide, creatine and carbohydrates to help you on those days when you want to have a long sustained workout. Make sure to do some supplement research online too, it can be a huge benefit.

When It Makes Sense to Use Intra-Workout Supplementation

Obviously, if you are only going to be in the gym for thirty to forty minutes, then having anything more than a drink with some electrolytes in it may not be needed. More serious formulas, such as intra workouts are designed for serious weight lifters.

When you are spending an hour and a half or longer in the gym, then endurance becomes a much bigger factor. Your muscles become exhausted, your energy drains and your body needs immediate nourishment that only an intra-product can provide.

When you count warming up and cooling down as well as any cardio you may be doing around your weight training, it is easy to spend a couple hours in the gym. The muscles you worked at the beginning will already be hurting for what they need to recover by the time you are walking out of the gym.

Don’t starve those muscles and shrink your results by not giving them what they need right on the spot. Get maximum mass, bulk and definition with the help of intra-workout supplementation. Pushing yourself farther each time you hit the weights is the secret to getting the gains you want and supplementing while hitting them may be the strategy that will push you over the top, and get you to your goals quickly and efficiently.

Efficiency is what it’s all about after all. Working out is hard work. You want to know you are getting the most out of every repetition and set, and taking intra-workout supplements will help you know you are being as effective as you can at that.

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